When a songwriter is capable of cobbling together a song that sounds simultaneously fresh and 150 years old, as Rick Gottlieb has done with "But For Your Love", they earn your attention to the rest of what they are about. Go and see this man do his music.”

— Vance Gilbert

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Rick Gottlieb

Fingerstyle Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter

Rick's music can quiet an otherwise noisy room by the sound of his remarkable tenor voice and DADGAD-based fingerstyle guitar chops. The kind of music that can lift a flagging heart and move the soul in directions that the listener never anticipated. The great siger/songwriters James Taylor, David Wilcox, Jackson Browne and Susan Werner, all have their subtle influence in Rick's beautifully crafted songs. His music speaks to audiences both young, old and somewhere in between. Anyone who enjoys songs of substance, combining soulfulness and style will immediately find themselves a fan of Rick Gottlieb,

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