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A Tribute to Rick's Father


By Rick Gottlieb (Tuning: DADEAC#, Full Capo 2nd Fret, Drop-D Capo 7th Fret)
Concert Key: E Major /Fretted Key: A Major

Standing at the station waiting for the 8:05
It’s already 8:15 but that doesn’t mean it’s soon to arrive
I keep looking down the tracks
As if hunting for the time I lack
And I start to wonder if it might just be better to drive
Seems like I’m always waiting for the next big thing to come in
But the signals are so puzzling it’s getting hard to know where to begin
Do I stay or should I go
My heart won’t say yes or no
It’s just stays bottled up inside ‘til my mind is all in a-spin

The sunlight
Is shining
Through the branches of the trees nearby
The wind it
Is breathing
Daring me to undo my tie
The pond near
This platform here
Sending a sunbeam that dazzles my eyes

Then suddenly beside me, my dad, he’s been gone seven years
He’s looking at me strangely, as I cry out thru my tears
He says, “what are you waiting for?”
“No, you’ll never be quite sure”
And he smiles at me, warmly, as slowly disappears

Instrumental Solo

Now I’m driving down the turnpike looking for Exit 41
I’ve got a new gig tonight and tomorrow there’ll be another one
Finally, my certainty’s arrived
And I’ve found a reason to strive
Then, out of nowhere, the 8:05 goes by
It’s left me behind and there’s laughter nearby
And these days are getter harder to explain
And I’m still waiting for the train
Just waiting for the train
Waiting for the train