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The Studio Version of "But For Your Love" Produced by Oen Kennedy and Engineered by Eric Kilburn


Museum of Broken Hearts by Rick Gottlieb
Composed and Played in DADGAD
Short-Cut Capo at 5th Fret
Concert Key D minor
Fretted Key A minor

Step up and join the tour
This is what you've been looking for
Stand behind the line as we move along
Make sure you've paid your fee
No photos if you please
You'll remember this display your whole life long
Stay together if you would
This can be a harsh neighborhood
And we try to head off trouble before it starts
Here at the Museum of Broken Hearts

Here you have Paul Monroe
Told Eliza he loved her so
Just too bad Eliza doesn't feel the same
She let him on for a little while
With a wink and her pretty smile
Put a one-sided love can be a foolish game
A man can snap when his heart gets bruised
Her departure now can be excused
The way she dropped him was like a work of art
So it's here at the Museum of Broken Hearts

Here you have Miss Diane
Love was not a part of the plan
But sometimes love gets a mind of its own
Her commonsense was just swept away
When he kissed her that certain way
Or perhaps she just didn't like living all alone
But she's got lots of time to ponder now
Since he left her for CuraƧao
If she could only find a place to start
Her tour of the Museum of Broken Hearts

You say you don't know what led you here
Is it just curiosity
Or a newfound philosophy
That leads you on and on and on

You see this exhibit bare
And wonder what it's doing there
You won't have long until you learn
You see your our special guest
Not like all the rest
Make yourself at home till she returns
Folks make prisons out of dreams
Looking for purpose where it can't be seen
And an active life can't cure a lonely heart
And if regret becomes your performing art
You could be our new addition
Here at the Museum of Broken Hearts