The Limits of Getting Gigs through Sonicbids and Reverbnation

For a number of years, I have been a subscriber to the website Sonicbids. Like Reverbnation, a similar website, you create an Electronic Press Kit for yourself and the website aggregates possible gigs for you to which you “submit” your EPK. In the reviews made by unselected artists for gigs, many have bemoaned the limited […]

The "Mechanics" of Busking, Part 1

This time last year I wrote about the benefits of “busking”, that is, engaging in the practice of guerrilla music making. As I mentioned in that article I like to busk sitting on a long bench under a shady tree in the Boston Common. What I wanted to discuss in this series of articles was […]

The Emotional Health of the Emerging Artist

People that have been following this blog may have wondered why there have been no new entries for the last few months. The fact of the matter is that I have been fighting a nasty bout of depression, the kind that robs you of any initiative to do much of anything, much less something as […]

The Joys of Being an "Opener"

I love playing Unitarian “coffeehouses”. As most folks may know that read my blog, I live and primarily perform in New England. One of the major institutions for performing artists in the New England area are the “coffeehouses” operated by the local Unitarian Universalist Churchs in our area. Unitarians are a very social bunch and […]

On Performing As A Duo When You Are A Solo

As most folks know when they see me perform, I am generally a solo act; As a contemporary folk singer/songwriter, I provide the entire accompaniment for my voice when i perform. This means my accompaniment on guitar must provide the beat provided by percussion as well as both rhythm and lead guitar. As my friend […]

Writing a song in a single day?

One of my good friends on Facebook (not to be confused with a “friend” of the generic Facebook occasional variety), Tim Riordan, sponsors a great page, the “Fearless Songwriter” where people are encouraged to write songs based on a single phrase or “prompt” in a single day. This is a great way to get creative […]

The Need for Community Among Emerging Artists

I just completed my fourth year attending the Rocky Mountain Song School in Lyons, Colorado. It’s a wonderful week of classes on songwriting, performance and the details of the music business, shared meals, camping, nightly open mikes, song circles late into the night, and general warm cameraderie amongst like-minded folk. it is an organic community […]

Taking chances in remote locales

As I write this I am flying to Denver for my annual “pilgrimmage” to the Rocky Mountain Song School in Lyons, Colorado. I love going to this event every August to spend time with old and newly-met friends and learning new aspects of the craft of songwriting in musical performance. But having planned this in […]

The Importance of Collaboration

By the end of this week, I’ll be on my way to Lyons, Colorado for my annual pilgrimage to the Rocky Mountains Song School (RMSS). This is an event that I look forward to every year because I reconnect with friends and fellow songwriters and focus on the craft of songwriting and performance in a […]

On the "Emerging Artist"

In my last blog entry, I proposed that the proper view of the “Emerging Artist” is really that of the “Evolving Artist”. In this entry, I wanted to explore the “how” of the “Emerging Artist”, that is, how does one become and remain an “Emerging Artist”. I really see the process as embracing both internal […]

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