The Emerging Artist as Accompaniment for Other Artists

Like the last two years, I will be going to the North East Regional Folk Alliance or NERFA Conference in the Catskills in New York in November. Usually I go as a solo act to play showcases, network with other artists and meet with venue owners, booking agent and “presenters”. The conference goes on for […]

If you want to improve as an emerging artist, work on your "groove"!

As I sit down to write this blog entry, I am returning home from visiting my mom and performing at an Open Mic in New York City. I’m driving home alone and to occupy my mind to stay alert I am listening to music on my iPhone in shuffle mode which include some of my […]

One man’s view of the process of songwriting

There must be hundreds of different ways to write a song and I’ve read a number of books and watched a number of videos and attended a number of seminars on songwriting and will probably continue to do so. I’m always interested in how other folks approach the art and “craft” of songwriting. The way […]

The "comparing mind" and the emerging artist

I recently had a fantastic gig at the Brooklyn Coffee and Tea Room in Providence, RI. I was one of three performers with the host Steve Allain doing some “warm up” music as the host. This was a true “listening room” in the sense that the primary purpose of people being there was not to […]

A Music Festival to Remember

Last week I had the unique joy of participating in my first “Music Festival”, specifically the Keene Music Festival in the college town of Keene, New Hampshire. Looking back now from the distance of a few days, I have to say the experience really was extraordinary, unlike any gig I’ve had previously. As an emerging […]

The Struggle Between Me and the Audience

I harbor a secret that I suspect many emerging artist themselves secretly harbor. I generally don’t talk about it because I view it as a daily struggle. It tends to come to the fore particularly when I perform at a gig. I know from both studying performance techniques of others and the instruction of great […]

The "Terminal Tavern"

It should come as little or no surprise that, as an “emerging artist”, I have felt “forced” to play in venues less than wonderful for the musical soul but nonetheless profitable. David Wilcox once described this (quoting, yet another artist, come to think of it) as playing the “Terminal Tavern”. A place the artist plays […]

The "Emerging Artist" and the Myth of the "Targeted Demographic"

I was playing at an open mike the other night when a strange thing happened again. I’m not the youngest of “emerging artist” I know and so I tend to think that my music I’ll appeal primarily to an older age group. It’s a subtle psychological trap of sorts: artists of a certain age naturally […]

A Detour into Another Musical Genre

This past week I decided to try something new musically: I “auditioned” for a spot as an acoustic guitarist with a country rock band that supported a relatively young country-sounding female artist. You may legitimately ask why, as a singer-songwriter solo “emerging artist”, I would try out for such a spot. One reason was the […]

The "Mechanics" of Busking, Part 2

A while back I described and showed photos of the gear I use when I go “busking”. By definition, busking is the act of playing in a public place and soliciting money therefor. While this is technically correct, it misses the point. From my point of view, busking is the act of performing in a […]

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