Waiting for the Train

By Rick Gottlieb (Tuning: DADEAC#, Full Capo 2nd Fret, Drop-D Capo 7th Fret)
Concert Key: E Major /Fretted Key: A Major


Standing at the station waiting for the 8:05

It’s already 8:15 but that doesn’t mean it’s soon to arrive

I keep looking down the tracks

As if hunting for the time I lack

And I start to wonder if it might just be better to drive

Seems like I’m always waiting for the next big thing to come in

But the signals are so puzzling it’s getting hard to know where to begin

Do I stay or should I go

My heart won’t say yes or no

It’s just stays bottled up inside ‘til my mind is all in a-spin


The sunlight

Is shining

Through the branches of the trees nearby

The wind it

Is breathing

Daring me to undo my tie

The pond near

This platform here

Sending a sunbeam that dazzles my eyes


Then suddenly  beside me,  my  dad, he’s been gone seven years

He’s looking at me strangely, as I cry out thru my tears

He says, “what are you waiting for?”

“No, you’ll never be quite sure”

And he smiles at me, warmly, as slowly disappears


Instrumental Solo


Now I’m driving down the turnpike looking for Exit 41

I’ve got a new gig tonight and tomorrow there’ll be another one

Finally, my certainty’s arrived

And I’ve found a reason to strive

Then, out of nowhere, the 8:05 goes by

It’s left me behind and there’s laughter nearby

And these days are getter harder to explain

And I’m still waiting for the train

Just waiting for the train

Waiting for the train


Say What You Mean by Rick Gottlieb


I just walk through the door

Thought things were going my way

Now you’re staring at the floor

Won’t reply when I say:

“Is there something wrong?”

You just move away

And I’m left to wonder if I’m going to make it through the rest of my day


I ask again “what’s wrong?”

“come on and give me a clue

Just don’t lead me along

Is there somebody new?”

She turns and says “could be”

Now what’s a man to do

As my mind starts to race she says with a polish grace “you’ll have to wait to see who”


Don’t try and put me off with a bunch of pretty lies

I’ve seen the fire that can burn behind your eyes

And I love won’t last if you don’t come clean

So darling, darling just say what you mean


But I can’t leave it alone

Got to know where I stand

Like a dog with a bone

A stroll through “no man’s land”

She says some things going to change

And I hope you won’t get mad

Then she shows me the stick, “better grow up quick, you’re going to be a dad”


Spoken dialog


And as I look at her, and a grin crawls ‘cross her face

I’m feeling like an astronaut, just lost in space

And she pats my face as if to wake me from a dream

Saying, “don’t it shake your world boy, when I say what I mean”

Next-Best Thing (Next to You)

I went for a walk in rain one night and all I got for my troubles was a cold

I tried drinking  de-caf for a change, but the flavor is getting old

And I know that you’d just ignore me, were I to fin’lly admit that it’s true

That there’s just no “next-best thing” next to you


I went for a stroll through a park one day and I thought that I saw you there

I wanted so to see if it was you, but I couldn’t risk the despair

Oh, how clear your words were to me, when you told me that we were through

But that only reminds me there’s no “next-best thing” next to you


Oh, those happy days we had

Long before all those troubles began

Oh, those were our joyful whiles

When we both could smile

But I guess I just outlived your attention span

Now it’s one long misery paid on the installment plan


Oh, I tried to purge you from my thoughts, but it’s a headache I just can’t relieve

I tried to scratch your name from the door, but tell me what would that achieve

I just wish I could go back in time now and re-live all those good times anew

Still I must acknowledge to you

That I don’t know what I’ll do

Now that you’ve torn my heart ever so neatly in two

Now I’ll finally concede no “next-best thing” next to you.

Museum of Broken Hearts by Rick Gottlieb

Step up and join the tour

This is what you’ve been looking for

Stand behind the line as we move along

Make sure you’ve paid your fee

No photos if you please

You’ll remember this display your whole life long

Stay together if you would

This can be a harsh neighborhood

And we try to head off trouble before it starts

Here at the Museum of Broken Hearts


Here you have Paul Monroe

Told Eliza he loved her so

Just too bad Eliza doesn’t feel the same

She let him on for a little while

With a wink and her pretty smile

Put a one-sided love can be a foolish game

A man can snap when his heart gets bruised

Her departure now can be excused

The way she dropped him was like a work of art

So it’s here at the Museum of Broken Hearts


Here you have Miss Diane

Love was not a part of the plan

But sometimes love gets a mind of its own

Her commonsense was just swept away

When he kissed her that certain way

Or perhaps she just didn’t like living all alone

But she’s got lots of time to ponder now

Since he left her for Curaçao

If she could only find a place to start

Her tour of the Museum of Broken Hearts


You say you don’t know what led you here

Is it just curiosity

Or a new found philosophy

That leads you on and on and on


You see this exhibit bare

And wonder what it’s doing there

You won’t have long until you learn

You see your our special guest

Not like all the rest

Make yourself at home till she returns

Folks make prisons out of dreams

Looking for purpose where it can’t be seen

And an active life can’t cure a lonely heart

And if regret becomes your performing art

You could be our new addition

Here at the Museum of Broken Hearts


Take Another Pill by Rick Gottlieb


Don’t it feel good going down

A little joy to light your day

But if you take a good look around

What makes you think you need it anyway


They come in pink, and blue and white

Take one in the morning and one at night

Got to take that green one with some food

To adjust your emotional fortitude


But life is good and you should know it

All you got to do is just stand still

Or you can act as if you don’t own it

Pretend your life so unfulfilled

And take another pill


The day may be cloudy but why should you care

The sun will shine soon wait and see

And if your life feels like you’re going nowhere

At least you’re not as sad as you used to be


You know that the pain can never touch you

With your friends to see you through

But would you forgo the pleasure of your cruise

Just to avoid a bump or bruise




You know that the pain can never touch you

With your friends to see you through

But would you forgo the pleasure of your cruise

Just to avoid a bump or bruise


But life is good and you should know it

All you got to do is just stand still

Or you can act as if you don’t own it

Pretend your life so unfulfilled

And take another pill


To a Songwriter by Tom Smith


You give your heart in many pieces

Like serving loaves and fishes with a prayer

We received them like from Jesus

I confess I take my share


Now you ask what’s left for loving

After you have sung your heart away

For when it’s gone it can’t be given

But with your heart it’s not that way


You heal by the giving

You heal like the morning

You heal by the singing of your song


You say your songs are just illusion

That they are just the high before the fall

Those are the words of your confusion

You say you’re lost, well aren’t we all


We hide our light under a mantle

And curse the darkness that we find were in

But your singing lights a candle

Where the dark has been




you have no choice

You have a voice

Use it loud and strong




Wilde Mountain Thyme

O the summer time has come

And the hills are sweetly bloomin’

And the wild mountain thyme

Grows around the purple heather

Will ye go

lassie will ye go?



And we’ll all go together

To pick wild mountain thyme

All around the purple heather

Will ye go?

lassie, go


I will build my love a bower

By yon pure and crystal fountain

And upon it I will lay

All the flowers o’ the mountain

Will ye go

lassie will ye go?




I will range out through the wilds

And the land so deep and drearie

And return with all the spoils

To the bower of my dearie

Will ye go

lassie will ye go?




If my true love won’t come with me

Then I’ll surely find another

To pick wild mountain thyme

All around the purple heather

Will ye go

lassie will ye go?




I Must Be Doing Something Right by Livingston Taylor


I get lost crossing the street

And I can’t find my own 2 feet

But I love my baby and she thinks I’m sweet

I must be doing something right


She’s Intelligent, patient, hard-working and shrewd

I’m sarcastic, bombastic, lazy and rude

But we burn it up when we are in the mood

I must be doing something right


Finally, a crystal sunrise

Finally, the world is fair

And all of the love I hid behind the moon is finally ours to share


There are plenty of guys that she could pick

GQ jawline and hair so slick

But I have to break it to you fellas, you’ve all been licked

I must be doing something right


There are plenty of guys that she could find

Good-looking, rich and not out of their minds

But hey, good news, love is blind

And I must be doing something right

I must be doing something right


I’m Forever Coming Home (To You) by Rick Gottlieb

(Full Capo 2nd Fret, Short-Cut Capo 4th Fret; DADGAD Tuning)



I’m so sorry I didn’t call

It’s just I’ve been so in-between

And though that seems a poor excuse

I’m sure you know what I mean

No, it’s not that I’ve forgotten

Yes, I’ll take good care

I know your thoughts are with me

This is the life we chose to share


And wherever I may go

Whatever I may do

In your heart you should always know

That wherever I may roam

I’m forever coming home to you


The days seem longer when we’re apart

Sleep won’t come easy at the end

The road seems to stretch out before me

The radio, my only friend

Now I though the journey would be easy

The path so straight and so clear

Where did all those crossroads come from

How I wish that you were here




I made it to my destination

or at least the one today

Tomorrow always seems to come too soon

But there are friends along the way

I don’t know where this road will guide me

Can’t say if it’s false or true

I just go where my heart leads me

And it always leads me back to you