The Split Gig and Learning to "Play Nice With Others"

As many people know who have seen me play, I am primarily a solo artist. For those of you that haven’t, it could be said that beside singing, I play all parts of “the band” in a kind of percussive, fingerstyle (i.e. without the use of guitar flat or finger picks) guitar accompaniment. That means […]

The Joys and Miseries of Working with a Metronome

I have a “love/hate” relationship with metronomes. There is no doubt that playing alone and preparing to perform using a metronome will make you a better musician by “aligning” your personal tempo with a mechanical/electronic norm. By playing your songs to a metronome, you discover where you speed up or slow down and learn to […]

Guitar Maintenance and Upkeep for the Emerging Artist

One of the things I am most proud of when I perform are the complements I receive about my acoustic instruments. I recall recently receiving from another artist the comment, “wow, that is one beautiful guitar!” I genuinely appreciate such complements about my guitars because I take good and regular care of them. So what […]

For the Emerging Artist, the (Strive for the) Perfect Really is the Enemy of the Excellent

You practice your music incessantly. Perhaps you even “role play” your performance in preparation for the real thing. Perhaps you worry about any lapses in memory of your lyrics that you might have. This is the common ailment of “perfectionism” in the emerging artist and we all encounter it and need to combat it on […]

The NERFA Experience and the Emerging Artist

Each November for the last three years I have attended the North East Regional Folk Alliance (or NERFA) Conference in the Catskills of New York. I can honestly say that, as an emerging artist, it is the most fun you can have while being sleep deprived. For those readers of my blog that are not […]

The Importance of Helping Other Emerging Artists

No one gets by on their own power. All of our successes can be traced to help we have received from others in one way, shape or form. The outcome of the sixth game of the 2013 World Series proves that point: success requires teamwork. The beauty of the music from my second CD, Waiting […]

The Importance of Having Fun as an Emerging Artist

I’m between gigs at the moment. Last night I played at Fritz’s Place in Keene, NH and tonight I play a Three-way co-bill with Steve Allain and Ashley Root at the Brooklyn Coffee and Tea House in North Providence, RI. As I sit here writing this entry, I am struck by something one of the […]

The Emerging Artist and the "Learner’s Mind"

The other evening I went to an open mike in an area that I don’t regularly frequent. in fact, I had never been to this open mike before and though there were a few faces I recognized most of the folks there I had never met before. Now, for some emerging artists this might make […]

Defining "Success" as an Emerging Artist

I’ve been turning my mind towards the idea of what “success” really means as an emerging artist. Sure it’s nice to win songwriting contests (and I know some friends of mine that have), but what does that really mean in the larger sense. Someone liked a particular song you wrote more than other songs that […]

The Emerging Artist and NERFA: The Myth and the Real Purpose

Next month I will be attending the North East Regional Folk Alliance or NERFA conference in the Catskills of New York. Other than the International Conference, it is among the largest gathering of musicians, booking agents and presenters (and others as well) on the “folk spectrum” in the U.S. This will be the third time […]

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